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Welcome to mookjong.20m.com!
This is the only place on the net where you can get a free manual that shows you how to make your own mook jong for \\$30. We're here to provide you with information on the use of a mook jong and to supply you with a training partner that is never sick, injured, or bored at a cost that is hundreds (if not more than a thousand) dollars cheaper than anything on the market today.

Want to know how to use your Mook Jong?
The Mook Jong can be used with any style of self defense or martial arts. The Mook Jong can be used to work on form and technique and then you can go berserk, beat the hell out of it and not get sued by anyone. How many other training partners let you do that? Click on my Training link here or on the sidebar to go and get detailed information on how effective mook jong training really is. (Recently updated)

Get your free manual for a durable, affordable Mook Jong.
Go to The Manual page and check out what sort of training partner that is available to you for a lot less than anything else out there.



Mook Jong Trainer
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If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to email me and I'll get back to you within 48 hours. No marriage counseling advice : )
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