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Training Tips
If you are just starting out on a mook jong you will want to initially take it slowly and work on form. The mook jong that I show you how to build, the arms are metal piping with a thin layer of insulation covering the metal. That gives you the bone covered by flesh. If you are interested in learning actual mook jong forms then you will probably want to go to Paladin Press and buy The Mook Jong Slam Set or The Ultimate Streetfighter. I bought the Slam Set and it gives you something to practice if you don't have anyone nearby who practices wing chun or JKD. If you want to see some individual techniques and applications of the mook jong then go to my Training Archive and check them out.

The movies are now here! The link to them is the first link on the Training Archive page. Go there now!

  Training Program Elite Fitness System "Total Body Workout" is great! I got the best ab workout that I have ever gotten (Remember, I already had a six-pack). It works more on endurance and getting a chiseled look than strength. If you are afraid of losing your flexibility by lifting weights, this would be a good alternative. You can get in better shape and keep your flexibility! If you are interested you can go to Elite Fitness Systems and check it out!