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Build your own mook jong for $30!

My Free Mook Jong Manual
Let me introduce to you the only site on the web that shows you how to make your own affordable and durable Mook Jong for only $30! My Mook Jong that I show you how to make is just as durable as the models that cost 500 to 1,600 dollars! The mook jong that is pictured below this costs $800! My durability tests are extensive as what hard drive manufacturers put their hard drives through, but the only thing is I think that I have more fun doing it. My Mook Jong is made out of PVC piping for the body and metal piping covered by a PVC sleeve. Check out Ashville Woodcrafters, they are the only other place that I have found that offer PVC mook jongs. You know how much he sells his PVC mook jongs for? 350 Dollars!!! Compare that to my PVC Mook Jong Manual that shows you how to make one for only ten percent of that. Ten percent! Gee, I wonder if I should buy one or make one? (Make sure you come back to my site after you see his price list.)

Get your free copy here!
The picture below shows what the finished product will look like if you get my free manual that shows you how to make an Affordable and Durable Mook Jong. If you follow the instructions in my free manual you can assemble your own PVC mook jong in less than an hour and for the grand total of thirty to forty greenbacks! You now have a fully functioning mook jong that you can beat to death. Fun for the whole family!

How to get your free copy:
It's easy, all you have to do is Click Here!